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Manifestation Puzzles

Yemaya Manifestation Puzzle

Yemaya Manifestation Puzzle

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Tap into the Power of Water with Yemaya, the Goddess of the Ocean!

This puzzle can be used to harness the power of the element of water to help you manifest many things while calling upon the Goddess Yemaya for assistance.

This puzzle is already infused with the power of elemental water!

Yemaya is the African goddess of the ocean and fertility, known for her beauty and nurturing presence.Yemaya protects women and children and brings prosperity, good fortune, and fertility. As a goddess of the ocean, she controls the tides and the weather. Yemaya's power can definitely aid in manifestation, especially for matters of fertility, creativity, and abundance. By calling upon Yemaya and asking for her guidance and support, you can access the natural forces of the element of water and manifest their desires.


.: High-quality chipboard pieces with vibrant sublimated print
.: size: 8" x 10" - (120 pieces)
.: Packaged in a gift-ready paper box
.: Glossy finish


Manifestation Puzzles


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