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Ritual Shaker - Weather Shamanism, Energy Raiser (1 shaker)

Ritual Shaker - Weather Shamanism, Energy Raiser (1 shaker)

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These have been infused with powerful energy to enhance the potency of the energy raised when using these!

Infuse your rituals with powerful energy using one of our four seed shakers! Juju, Chacha, Pangi, or Belirik -- crafted from tropical dried seeds -- will add warmth and passion to your spiritual workings. Each type of seed carries a unique potency, used by African and Native American tribes since ancient times. From the sound vibrations of these shakers comes a powerful frequency to protect, balance, transform, and manifest your desires!

These are powerful for raising energy during or before any ritual, ceremony or magickal/spiritual working!

Keywords for each seed (all can be used for Weather Shamanism):

For "Juju": Energy, Protection, Rituals, Healing, Connection

For "Chacha": Balance, Harmony, Meditation, Enlightenment, Inner peace

For "Pangi": Transformation, Awakening, Divination, Sacred, Guidance

For "Belirik": Abundance, Prosperity, Manifestation, Wealth, Spirituality


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