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Divine Essence Palo Santo - 5 Sticks

Divine Essence Palo Santo - 5 Sticks

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Experience the serene embrace of our Divine Essence Palo Santo, each stick meticulously infused with the spiritual blessings of Monica Bey. Crafted from the sacred Bursera graveolens tree, our Palo Santo is sustainably sourced from Ecuador, honoring the earth and the powerful tradition from which it comes.

 This isn't just an incense; it's a spiritual tool, blessed to aid in healing, energy clearing, meditation, and the deepening of your daily spiritual practices.

Welcome a piece of divine harmony into your life with each burn, and feel the genuine connection to the spiritual energy bestowed by The Divine Mother, Monica Bey. Perfect for those who cherish authenticity in their spiritual journey and the sacredness of their living spaces.

Included: 5 sticks


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