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Mayan Obsidian Ritual Knife (Energy Clearing & Removal) -Large with Stand

Mayan Obsidian Ritual Knife (Energy Clearing & Removal) -Large with Stand

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Discover the ancient power of this Mayan ritual tool!

This is infused and programmed with magickal power to amplify it's ability to remove even the most stubborn energies, including spirits!

This beautiful Mayan knife is hand-made from obsidian, which is formed from volcanic material, giving it the extremely powerful energy and power of earth's core and bringing in the fire energy needed in battle.

Great to use as a magic wand for removing negative energy and as a ritual tool for cutting cords. Let your imagination run wild with other ways you can use it.

This was and still is a sacred tool the Mayans use in ceremonies and rituals for various purposes, including healing. 

8' long



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