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Manifestation Puzzles

Flames of Love Manifestation Puzzle

Flames of Love Manifestation Puzzle

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Manifest Passionate Love

Use this puzzle to create more passion and attraction in your love life!

This puzzle is already infused with powerful Kundalini & attraction Energy

Kundalini energy is extremely powerful for manifestation and an impressive spiritual power boost. This primal energy is stored at the base of the spine and, when accessed, it rises up through each of seven chakras allowing us to access a heightened state of consciousness. Kundalini manifests itself as fire energy, sexual energy, passion, love, creative force and much more! This is why I've included it in the energy programming of this puzzle!

Manifesting a passionate love life can open up doors you never knew existed. Not only will the manifestation of your desired relationship create opportunities to deepen and explore new facets of yourself and your partner, but it also gives you an extra dose of passion that can be transferred to all other areas of your life. Passion, love and sexual energy is pure power and kundalini energy in it's purest form. Love has the power of attraction: if we manifest our deepest desires for a fulfilling love life, we may find ourselves allowing for more abundance in all aspects, leading to growth and joy that we previously thought was not possible.


.: High-quality chipboard pieces with vibrant sublimated print
.:  size: 8" x 10" - (120 pieces)
.: Packaged in a gift-ready paper box
.: Glossy finish


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