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Enchanted Cacao

Enchanted Cacao- Shaman Blessed Ceremonial Cacao -Healing

Enchanted Cacao- Shaman Blessed Ceremonial Cacao -Healing

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Our ceremonial cacao, nurtured in the rich soil of the magickal Esmeralda region of Ecuador, has been anointed with the blessings of a Shaman, infusing it with the vibrational energy of the earth and the wisdom of indigenous traditions. Additionally, it has been imbued with healing energies by the International Metaphysical Healer and Spiritual Teacher, Monica Bey, amplifying its potential to catalyze your personal healing journey. This cacao is unlike any other you can find, for it carries not just the flavors of the earth but the resonance of ancient rituals and the luminous intention of transformation. As you sip, allow its essence to guide you towards deeper healing, self-discovery, and a profound connection to the healing spirit of cacao.

Ceremonial Cacao is plant medicine and has been used since ancient times to heal. The cacao spirit is active and powerful, when taken directly from the cacao bean, unprocessed. We can best describe this spirit as a "gentle healer". When done ritualistically, she will enter your system, dive to the very depths of your energy and gently push out any energies that no longer serve you. She offers divine healing in a gentle and loving way. After ceremony, many are left feeling refreshed, healed and clear on their path. 

Comes with ceremony instructions that anyone can do!

22 servings per container

Regular box comes with: 1/2LB ceremonial cacao, instructions brochure, love

Full Kit comes with: 1/2lb ceremonial cacao, instructions brochure, magick infused ceremonial mug, magickally infused ashwagandha powder, love

*please note that ceremonial mugs may vary slightly and are based on availability, but everything is divine, so you will receive the exact mug that is right for you! 🪄

Adding ashwagandha adds the following aspects to the energy and experience: 

Stress Reduction, Adaptogenic, Meditation Enhancement, Improved Sleep, Energy Center Balance (Chakras), Emotional Healing, Increased Vitality, Intuition Enhancement.


Enchanted Cacao


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