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Cacao Ceremony Bundle #1

Cacao Ceremony Bundle #1

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Unlock your highest potential with the Cacao Ceremony Bundle #1! Infused with energetic healing, this bundle will help you journey deep into your soul and manifest your true self! Enjoy self-empowerment and growth through its spiritual benefits and be amazed by its transformative power. Activate your inner power and see lasting results!

-1 Echanted Cacao full kit (shaman blessed): 1/2lb of Echanted Cacao, 1 infused Ceremonial Mug, Ashwagandha Powder for added spiritual power

-1 Ceremonial Cacao Journal to dive deeper into your healing journeys with the Mother Cacao spirit

-1 Ceremonial Rug, perfect for setting and energizing your sacred space to allow the most powerful healing ❤️‍🔥


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