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Black Marble Truth Scrying Bowl

Black Marble Truth Scrying Bowl

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Unlock your psychic potential with the Obsidian Truth Scrying Bowl. Infused with powerful energy programming, this bowl heightens your psychic ability and reveals the truth. Experience a deeper connection to your intuition and gain valuable insights. Perfect for any spiritual practitioner seeking greater spiritual understanding.

You can use for scrying as a black mirror, fill it with water for water scrying or place a candle in it for fire scrying.

A shallower bowl, this can also be used as an offer bowl or candle burner. When scrying, this bowl offers the user the psychic protection of black marble while giving you a place to focus into the depth of your craft. Reflective black surfaces and water have traditionally been means of scrying and divination for centuries.

Get ready to take your psychic insights to the next level!

Measures 6 inches (16.2 cm) in diameter by 2 inches (5 cm) deep.

Please note: Most of the natural marble bowls have natural scratches and pitting in them.



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