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Mystic University

Affirmation Charm- Money Flows to Me Easily

Affirmation Charm- Money Flows to Me Easily

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Infused with energy to help this affirmation seep more deeply into your subconscious more easily!

It's easy to say and the forget an affirmation and then the next thing you know, you are out of practice with it and are not embodying that energy. This is why we created these Affirmation Charms!

Magical uses of aluminum  include rituals that focus on connection with your deepest unconscious self, meditation, and stability and grounding. You can also incorporate it into workings to control negative behaviors and thoughts, break your bad habits, and overcome addictions.

Use this beautiful affirmation charm to give you a constrant boost and reminder! Hang it someplace where you will see it often, like the bathroom, the kitchen, your car, desk at work, or anywhere that makes sense!  It also has a magnetic back!

.: White aluminum base with a glossy finish

.: Available in 2 shapes - Round and Oval
.: Scratch and chip resistant surface
.:comes with a separate red ribbon for hanging (red representing action & grounding)


Mystic University


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