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Raw Ruby- Hexegon (1lb)

Raw Ruby- Hexegon (1lb)

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Infused with energy to magnify any intention you put into it. You can use these stones for anything you want and they will be much more powerful than regular ruby stones!

Use these powerful stones to create powerful force fields and powerful changes within yourself🪄😉

Keywords: Passion, vitality, energy, courage, strength, love, protection, root chakra, life force, determination, passion, enthusiasm, transformation, leadership, sensuality, creativity.

The Hexegon is a powerful sacred geometric shape! Here are the main vibrations this shape brings: 

balance, interconnectedness, unity, patterns, divine order, harmony, transformation, spiritual symbols, cosmic alignment, metaphysical, energy flow.

sold by approximate weight - not stone size or count. 1 pound, multiple hexagon sizes.


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