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Ocean And Earth Cowrie Shell Statement Necklace

Ocean And Earth Cowrie Shell Statement Necklace

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This beautiful cowrie shell statement necklace is filled with powerful energy!

Monica Bey has added magickal/spiritual energy programming to these to magnify the energy already present in these powerful shells!

Cowrie shells have a rich history in various spiritual and cultural contexts around the world. 

1. Prosperity and Wealth: Cowrie shells were historically used as a form of currency in many cultures, making them a symbol of wealth and prosperity.

2. Fertility and Birth: Their shape, which resembles a pregnant belly or a vulva, which is no surprise that they carry energy of fertility, childbirth, and the divine feminine. Symbolizing motherhood, creation, and nurturing.

3. Protection: In some traditions, cowrie shells have offered protection against evil spirits or negative energies since ancient times.

4. Divination: Cowrie shells are used in divination practices in various cultures, such as in Ifá, a West African religion and spiritual practice. They are used to communicate with the spiritual realm and gain insights.

5. Water and Ocean Energy: As sea creatures, cowries embody the energy of the ocean, symbolizing the flow of life, deep wisdom, emotions and the mysteries of the sea.

6. Spiritual Guidance: Cowrie shells have been used in many cultures as tools for spiritual guidance, helping in decision-making and offering insight into one's spiritual path.

7. Transformation and Healing: The journey of the cowrie from sea to land is a symbol of transformation, making it a tool for healing and personal growth.

You can choose which energies you'd like to activate for yourself within this necklace as you where it- simply with your intention! This is next level programming!


    • Made with the real toothy and natural cowries, accompanied by the golden, silver and rose gold cowries created by the artisans.
    • Great for summer, goes well with sarong wraps, beach cover-ups, and cocktail dresses.
    • This good luck charm measures 11 inches long when fully extended.
    • It has a tie back adjustable drawstring closure.
    • They come in Silver, Gold, and Rosegold.
    • Get more tones and layer them for vacation vibes, each sold separately.



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