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Plant Infusion Stone- Natural African Zebra Stone

Plant Infusion Stone- Natural African Zebra Stone

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This is infused with magickal power to infuse your plants with energy to help them grow, enliven the spirit of the plant and also infuse them with positive, loving and spiritual energy! 

This is perfect for your home garden! Make sure the food you grow has the right energy to nourish your body, mind and spirit! Remember plants have spirits and they too need the right energy to thrive. 

Instructions: simply plant this stone in the dirt with your plants, all the magick is already done, so let it do its thing! Of course, you will still need to give your plants all of the care and love they need on the mundane level (normal care).

• Shades - Dark Brown, Light Brown, & White
• Material : African Zebra Stone 

**Because these are natural stones, shades or colors may vary. We will do our best to send you best matching if you order a pair**


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